Writesonic Review: I Spent $15 for Starters & Here's my Review.

What is Writesonic, exactly? (Why is it important?)

How Does Writesonic Work?

Step #1 Choose

Step #2 Description

Step #3 Generate

Step #4 Version

Who is Writesonic for?

#1. Digital Marketing Professionals

#2. Blogger

#3. Advertising Company

#4. E-commerce Shops

Writesonic's Pros & Cons

PROS (Good Side of Writesonic)

  • I pay for the personal plan of $15 monthly and it can generates over 50,000 words of articles monthly, and I am planning on upgrading to the Start up plan of $99 monthly.
  • Writesonic is more affordable and reliable when compared with some of their competitors online.
  • I don't have to hire any writer on Fiverr and Upwork to write articles for me. Writesonic is a faster and more reliable writer
  • Writesonic makes it very easy to be 100% sure about the quality of their service with a free plan that comes with 10 credits to test out a feature or two on the software.
  • Paying customers can start using Writesonic’s paid features free of charge for a limited period of time so that they will know the quality of what they are paying for before they pay for it.
  • Writesonic has insanely helpful customer care. A customer care agent assists me with whatever help I need on my Writesonic account.
  • With Writesonic, I don’t need to spend hours thinking about what to write; instead I spend minutes creating 90% to 100% of my content with Writesonic.
  • I can easily create a week’s or even a month’s list of articles for my blog instantly using Writesonic.
  • Writesonic has a really good review on Trustpilot. It is safe to use.
  • My time is spent wisely with Writesonic because I no longer have to spend hours with my pen and paper writing blog posts.
  • I don’t need Grammarly or ProwritingAid to create a perfect, error-free blog post with Writesonic (everything is done automatically for me in minutes).

CONS (Bad Side of Writesonic)

  • Writesonic’s $15 monthly plan isn’t ideal for users who regularly publish a lot of content on their blogs, so the $99 monthly start-up plan is the best option for blogs that publish a lot of content.
  • The Writesonic plans are a little pricey, but trust me when I say they are worth it. It will be satisfying to be a guy who has a year’s worth of articles done in under a month.

Writesonic’s Features (What do they have to offer)

Writesonic features

1. Website Copy

2. Digital Ad Copy

3. Copy / Blog

4. eCommerce Copy

5. Formulas for writing

Writesonic Pricing (Overview)

Writesonic pricing plans
Writesonic agency pricing plan

#1. Free Plan

#2. Basic Plan

#3. Professional Plan

#4. Start up Plan





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